Borescope Inspections

DeVos Borescope Blending offers an array of borescope services for on-condition or lease-return borescope inspections of any size and scope.

If there’s something you need but can’t find in our service overview, just give us a call. One of our inspection teams can create a solution tailored to your needs. Whether seeking our services for a safety check or financial evaluation, we will be happy to accommodate your business.

Aircraft taxiing

Our Services Include:

Borescope Blending:

  • GE CFM56 series
  • GE CF6 series
  • GE90 series
  • CF34-10 series
  • PW4000 series
  • JT8D-1-17 series
  • JT8D-200 series
  • ​​​All industrial engines and power turbines. GG4, FT4000, LM2500, LM6000

Borescope Inspections:

  • LEAP
  • GE CFM56 series
  • GE CF6 series
  • GE90 series
  • GP7000
  • CF34 series
  • V2500 series
  • PW1100 GDF
  • PW4000 series

Borescope Inspections:

  • PW2000 series
  • RB211- series
  • TAY 611 - series
  • TAY 710 - series
  • Trent 500, 700, 800, XWB series
  • ​BR715 series
  • All APU models
  • ​All industrial engines and power turbines
  • ​Nuclear power plants
  • ​JT8D-1-17 series
    JT8D-200 series

Borescope Inspection:
Currently Working on Other Capabilities.


Our professionals offer borescope inspection and in-situ blending solutions that fit your needs.

One of our teams will provide a full consultation of our inspection and reporting process, both of which get the job done for you thoroughly and efficiently. Access to our online reporting gives you your results quickly, which we understand to be an important factor in our fast-paced air travel environment. We utilize the most advanced inspection equipment and the latest computer technology to assure you accurate and quickly available results.

To learn more about our borescope inspection services, contact us today.